Personal training Eindhoven?


My name is Mike and I help busy men and women to review their health and fitness with the help of a combination of customized training through exercises, nutrition, lifestyle adjustments that are applicable and sustainable for ever, so that they…

✓ Feel confident and attractive around their friends, family and in public
✓ Getting through the day full of energy
✓ Fit in clothes that they like to wear
✓ Don’t worry about sick leave
✓ Being able to do daily activities without getting out of breath, such as playing with their children
✓10 + years of healthy living can add to their retirement


✓ Starving yourself – No diets!
✓ Count calories or weigh food
✓ Specify the tasty food
✓ Spend hours cooking and exercising
✓ A busy gym to share with others

personal training

1. Personal

During the intake we prepare a personal plan and we regularly adjust your plan so that you do not lose sight of your goal!

2. By appointment

You choose when you exercise. We work on your goals when it suits you.

3. Location

You can choose where you sport: at home, outside or in our personal training studio District-S in the heart of Eindhoven.

personal training


Personal attention

What gets attention is growing! That is why it is all about personal attention to your sports and lifestyle needs. Sports is always by appointment and in person. What can you expect from me? Straightforward, Honest, Creative, Motivator, Empathetic, Experienced.

Personal training that matches your objective

Whether you want to lose weight, are training for a challenging run or you want to feel mentally fit, I will prepare an individual plan that is entirely focused on your goal. Customized training and professional advice!

personal training



“The exercises are precisely tailored to my goal and it is a kick to see progress again and again!”


“Mike is looking for the starting points for achieving your lifestyle goals.”


“My trainer Mike always knows how to motivate me to get the best out of myself.”

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Mike Bergmans – M2B personal training
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personal training
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